TI 84 Programs

Making Your Math Life Easier

TI 84 Programs help you with your math and science classes. You can save time & improve your accuracy with the help of TI 84 programs.

Resurrect your math grade and regain your math mojo! You can get started by downloading quad program for free today!

Please click the button below to get started with your free quad program. You can solve all quadratic equations, including those with complex/imaginary answers. Your answers will be in X1,X2 form and fractional form, if your answer is a fraction. You will even have the discriminant!

If you need to solve a quadratic equation, this is the program for you. It can solve any soluble quadratic equation. You can have the two answers. Both will be in the form your teacher would expect a hand-solved quadratic to have. Your answers will be in fractional form if there is a fraction. Also, you will see the radicals and imaginary number values just as you’d see them if you wrote them out by hand.

Even if your quadratic has imaginary/complex solutions, this program will provide you with those. Basically, if there’s an answer for your quadratic, this program will help you find it.

After you’ve downloaded your FREE QUAD PROGRAM, be sure to comment on the YouTube video. We want to read your questions and comments. You will help us to change the program to help you better!

Benefits of TI 84 Programs

TI 84 programs help you

-check your work

-improve your accuracy

-get your parents off your back

-socialize more (with more free time)

-sleep more (most students could do with more sleep)

-spend more time doing what your want

-save yourself from mindless math busywork

-save your grade

-get a competitive advantage over your classmates

Other TI 84 Programs Available

Currently, these TI 84 Programs are available:

Algebra Solver (ASOLVE)

Solves any first-degree algebraic equation

TI 84 Programs
Basic Algebra Equation
TI 84 Programs
Basic Exponential Equation

ASOLVE Available HERE.

Linear Equation (LINEAR)

Will provide you with all outputs for a linear equation

Ti 84 Programs
Point & Slope Input
TI 84 Programs
Output (For Everything)

LINEAR Available HERE.

Calculator Programs To Help You, The Student

If you need help with (almost) any subject or topic of math, TI 84 Programs can help you.

You can comment on any of the TI 84 Program YouTube videos to let us know what you need. We may already have a calculator program that can help you.

More calculator programs are due out for the 2021/2022 school year to help you. Likely, we will first include a suite for statistics classes. This suite will help with finding missing values, guiding you on which tests to use for data, and solving for Z-score.

Next, we’ll make a suite of algebra programs to help you in topics of algebra 1, algebra 2, and college algebra classes.

Please let us know what you think. Your input helps us serve you better.

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