Free QUAD Program

If you need to solve a quadratic equation, this is the program for you. It can solve any soluble quadratic equation. You can have the two answers, both in the form your teacher would expect a hand-solved quadratic to have. Your answers will be in fractional form if there is a fraction. Also, you will see the radicals and imaginary number values just as you’d see them if you wrote them out by hand.

Even if your quadratic has imaginary/complex solutions, this program will provide you with those. Basically, if there’s an answer for your quadratic, this program will help you find it.

Downloads are free for now. This may change at any time, so be sure you download your FREE Quadratic Equation Solver today!

Questions Or Comments on the Quad Program

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You will need TI Connect (free download here). Then, you will need a USB to mini-USB to connect your calculator to your computer. If you have those, you should be good to go.

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We hope to help you with your math soon!