TI 84 Line Equation Program : LINEAR

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  • You can input any info: Y=mx+b; Point-Slope; Two Points; Standard Form
  • You will get all the outputs:
  • Slope-Intercept Form
  • Standard Form
  • Slope & Parallel Slope
  • Perpendicular Slope
  • X & Y intercepts




TI 84 Line Equation Program: LINEAR can help you answer your teacher’s math questions about lines.

Usually, you’re given a little bit of information, perhaps two points, perhaps point-slope form. Maybe you’re given slope-intercept form, maybe standard form. 

From those givens, your instructor wants you to show all forms of the linear equation: slope-intercept form, slope, intercepts, parallel slope, perpendicular slope, and X and Y intercepts. And do this again, and again, and again.

Yes, overwhelming at first. Later, it becomes mind-numbing.

Well, now you can save time and improve accuracy:

With your line equation TI 84 program, you can input your givens. In moments, you’ll have all the outputs your homework could ask: y=mx+b form, standard form, intercepts, slope, etc.

Save time and improve your grade. You want to earn an A in your class, or at least pass. 

Think about it: get your parents off your back, save time. Regain your math mojo.

If you’re a purist, just use it to check your work. Heck, you could even check your instructor’s answers, or the answers on a worksheet.

Just don’t flex. Then all your classmates will want it and you’ll lose your competitive advantage.

Order your program for download today. So long as you can download TI Connect CE onto your desktop or laptop, your new linear program will work.

Stop waiting, stop wasting time. Order it now. 

You can download it and start using it in moments.

You’ll be glad you did.

Before Buying Your TI 84 Line Equation Program, Download TI Connect CE

Download TI Connect CE first. You can download it free here. Make sure you choose the right version for your desktop or laptop. There is one for Mac and two for Windows.

You might have to use a non-Chromebook as some students said their school-distributed Chromebooks wouldn’t allow them to download TI Connect CE.

Once you’ve downloaded TI Connect CE, just link your TI 84 calculator with the USB to mini-USB cable. After your computer recognizes your calculator, you’re good to go. Then you can order LINEAR from this page.

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