TI 84 Program: Area of 2-dimensional shapes: AREA2D

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Solves Area or any missing variable for the following two-dimensional figures:







Circle (from radius or diameter)

Sector (from radians or degrees)

Regular Hexagon

Regular Polygon (from perimeter and apothem)



TI84 Program Two Dimensional Figures: AREA2D program can help you answer your teacher’s math questions about two-dimensional figures. Not only will it solve for the area of most 2-dimensional objects, it can help you solve for any missing variable, such as side length, base, radius, etc.

Video of AREA2D Program in use (will open in new tab)

It will help you solve areas of the following geometric figures:

Your instructor will usually give you side lengths. Or, base & height. Or, apothem & perimeter.

If solving for area, your Area2D program will provide you with the answer in square units. It will also provide you with the formula.

If solving for a missing variable, such as side length, base, or radius, your answer will be in units. For the missing variable, you will also see the formula.

Before Buying Your TI84 Program Two Dimensional Figures (AREA2D), Download TI Connect CE

Download TI Connect CE first (Instructions here). You can download TI Connect CE for free here. Make sure you choose the right version for your desktop or laptop. There is one for Mac and two for Windows. You’ll want to choose a laptop or desktop that has a USB port. That way you can physically connect your TI 84 calculator to your computer so they can communicate.

You might have to use a non-Chromebook as some students said their school-distributed Chromebooks wouldn’t allow them to download TI Connect CE.

Once you’ve downloaded TI Connect CE, just link your TI 84 calculator with your USB to mini-USB cable. After your computer recognizes your calculator, you’re good to go. Then you can order AREA2D from this page.

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