Steps To Download TI 84 Programs

Before you begin downloading TI 84 Programs, there are some steps you need to take.

First, you’ll want to download TI Connect CE. It’s free from Texas Instruments and should only take a couple minutes to download.

For some reason, recent students of mine told me that TI Connect doesn’t download or work well on Google Chromebooks. So, you’ll probably want to download it onto a Mac or PC. They have versions for each.

Next, you’ll want the TI Connect CE software. It’s the most updated version of TI Connect.

After you’re on the TI Connect CE page and are downloading it, you’ll need to go through your computer’s permissions.

Before you download, you will need a USB port. If not, you’ll need some adapter so that you can connect your TI 84 to your computer via the USB to mini-USB cable.

You might have to restart your computer for the TI Connect software to show up. Just to be safe, keep it on your desktop so you have easy access.

Mac people, use your finder to start it and keep it on your dock.

Next Step: Connecting Your Calculator To Your Computer Via TI Connect

First: make sure your calculator is turned on. Yes, it sounds obvious, but it isn’t. Please turn your calculator on before trying to connect your calculator.

Second, you’ll use your USB to mini-USB to connect your (now turned on) calculator with your computer. Once your TI Connect software is on, it should recognize your TI Calculator.

Third, you can now download programs onto your TI 84 calculator. Just follow the steps in the video above as it’s not so intuitive.

Now you’ll be able to download subsequent programs by just dragging the .8xp file onto your calculator icon in TI Connect.

Voila! You’re on your way!